EXITNORWAY – a research project on emigration from today’s Norway

Every year, around 30.000 persons leave Norway for another country.
The EXITNORWAY research project dives into who they are, why they leave, and how their emigration shapes Norwegian society.


Research article about Latvians returning (or not)
EXITNORWAY researcher Inese Šūpule has published the paper Intentions to stay or to return among highly skilled Latvians in the EU: who is more likely to return? in Journal of Baltic Studies.

Forskning.no story about EXITNORWAY
June 5, 2021
The main Norwegian site for research news, forskning.no, presents the EXITNORWAY research project (in Norwegian) on their website and in a facebook post.

Andrea Monti defended her thesis on emigration
June 4, 2021
EXITNORWAY researcher Andrea Monti at Stockholm University has defended her doctoral thesis on emigration: Moving again – Studies of international return and onward migration. The dissertation can be found in pdf here.

Low emigration among the elderly enables projections of older immigrants’ characteristics
May, 2021
In the future we can expect growing numbers of older immigrants in Norway’s labour force. In a paper in Søkelys på arbeidslivet (in Norwegian) and a policy brief (in English), EXITNORWAY researchers Astri Syse and Marianne Tønnessen show how low emigration among older immigrants makes it possible to project characteristics of future older immigrants in Norway.

Two papers on return migration
May, 2021
EXITNORWAY researcher Amelie Constant has recently published two works on return migration; one in the Handbook of Labor, Human Resources and Population Economics, and one chapter in the book The Economic Geography of Cross-Border Migration.

EXITNORWAY presented at OsloMet’s research news
May, 2021
OsloMet’s site for research news presents the EXITNORWAY project (in Norwegian) here.