Launch of the Norwegian cooking booklet for surplus tables

The Norwegian research team at consumption research Norway (SIFO) collaborated with the social entrepreneur Kompass & Co and Sagene Skole to realize a surplus table as a pilot. Students learned over several weeks both practically and theoretically about food waste, strategies to preserve food, and cooking and baking with surplus ingredients such as overripe bananas. […]

Launch of the Norwegian “Sunn Start” recipe booklet

The Norwegian recipe booklet emerged during the collaboration for the case in Oslo, Norway. The researchers Gun Roos and Laura Terragni collaborated with a Norwegian class and the Sunn Start (“Healthy Start”) project. During the class immigrant women learning Norwegian were invited to share recipes they enjoy cooking at home. In class the recipes were […]

Slices of Oslo

Mélanie Vivier & Sarah Marchiset Welcome to you, readers. By reading this text, you will follow some slices of the daily life of two FOOD2GATHER members – Mélanie & Sarah – who are both Ph.D. candidates, respectively in the Belgian and the French team. Together with the amount of work they have to do, they […]

The garden of Ritchie, Youssef and Kathryn: a sharing of soil and know-how to fight against discrimination and make it a home

Chantal Crenn The investigation carried out for Food2gather research during summertime 2021 with the photographer Simoné Cinélli and the anthropologist Chantal Crenn in the small city of Sainte Foy La Grande in Bordeaux vineyard shows “the capacity to act” for young migrants and minorities through the shared gardens built behind the cinema in the city […]

The first episodes of the FOOD2GATHER podcast series have been published!

The FOOD2GATHER podcast series takes us around Europe through the eyes of researchers, participants, cooks, students, and food lovers to discover more about the role of food in public spaces in a changing Europe.We, researchers from six universities from six different countries – Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway – conducted separate, but related […]