Conference Papers

You can find below the papers and presentations from our Conference:

Why some natural resource-based economies succeed? Transforming resource industries into knowledge economies – Olav Wicken (TIK/University of Oslo)

Brazilian oil history, seen from Norway – Helge Ryggvik (TIK/University of Oslo)

Skill formation in the Brazilian O&G sector – Einar Braathen (NIBR/HiOA)

Does local content slow exploration and production? A regression analysis on Brazilian oil fields (paper) (presentation) – Henrik Wiig (NIBR/HiOA)

Towards corporate production systems: Collaboration and Upgrading in supply networks of the Brazilian O&G industry (paper) (presentation) – Yuri Kasahara (NIBR/HiOA), Antonio Botelho (IUPERJ/UCAM), and Marcelo Simas (IUPERJ/UCAM)

Upgrading local content policy: Integrating the Brazilian supply chain in global value chains – Antonio Botelho (IUPERJ/UCAM), and Yuri Kasahara (NIBR/HiOA)

Regulation under uncertainty: The co-evolution of industry and regulation in the Norwegian offshore gas and oil industry – Gary Herrigel (University of Chicago)





International Conference – Beyond the Natural Resource Curse: Industrial Upgrading in the Brazilian O&G industry

The conference presented results of the project ‘The “developmental state” reloaded: Brazilian industrial policy in the XXIst Century’ funded by the Norwegian Research Council.

The program can be downloaded here.