Photo journalism

New platform for photojournalists

(Screenshots:) Safina Binte Enayet and Abir Abdullah 

A new digital platform for photojournalists was launched 24 June 2021: 

Press freedom

Norway’s new strategy to promote freedom of expression

freedom of expression poster.

Welcome to the launch of Norway’s new international strategy to promote freedom of expression 


A Global Pandemic and a Global Podcast

zoom screenshot

In the middle of the pandemic three students started working together with Dr. PhD Maria Konow Lund, Associate Professor at Department of Journalism and Media Studies at OsloMet, on a podcast that explores the risks within journalism. The global Covid-19 pandemic was the spark that set the wheels in motion

Photo journalism Students

Exhibition + book launch!

Photos: Jon Petter Evensen
Teacher Ellen Lande Gossner giving a celebration speech to her students.

The International Storytelling Program with photojournalist students from Nepal, Bangladesh and Norway has come to an end with the opening of the exhibition and book launch at OsloMet campus, Friday June 4.

Journalist security

40 attended safety webinar in Yemen

zoom screenshot of Dr. Ali Al-Burihy
Dr. Ali Al-Burihy, Professor of media and communication at Sana’a University  

Sana’a University in partnership with the Cultural Media Center (CMC) organized a special webinar for Yemeni journalists together with JMIC 27 May 2021.