Who are we?

“The center plays an important role in our strategy for internationalizing education and research. I’m particularly proud of the vast global network this center offers the OsloMet community”  (Curt Rice, Rector at OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University)

The International Center is a part of the Department of Journalism and media studies (JM) at OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University. It works towards strenghtening the department and OsloMets international orientation and profile.

JMIC connects journalists and academics within specific countries and between countries, especially in the global South, through exchange programs, educational courses, conferences and publications.

JMIC cooperates with other institutions and organizations by empowering and improving skills among students, journalists and media researchers and teachers. We work especially with topics such as freedom of speech and media freedom, human rights, and democracy in relation to the journalistic profession. Important joint  projects are security of journalists, access to information for journalists, media and gender, media and extremism, media and climate changes.

JMIC is also a resource center that works towards developing partnerships trough mutual educational projects, publications and innovative transnational teaching methods. JMIC contributes towards exchanging educational material and research literature between partners.

Contact us:

Project leader Ellen Hofsvang, ellen.hofsvang(at)oslomet.no
Mob +47 99026692

Professor Emerita Elisabeth Eide, elisabeth.eide(at)oslomet.no