Media, Environment and Society

The Environment and Society are connected in so many different ways and it is often the media that make the connections – or they perhaps should have. This research group is open to anybody who is interested in such connections, Most of our members are media or journalism researchers or students at the Institute of Journalism and Media Studies interested in the Environment and Society, but we also have members who mostly work with environmental and societal issues elsewhere OsloMet, who are interested in the media.  This is a big strength for us, and many of them are part of prolific research institutes, looking at environmental issues from the point of view of consumption, cities or welfare. And then we have some members outside of OsloMet sharing our research interest

Our group used to be called Journalism, Climate Change and Globalization, because we emerged out of an international research network initiated by Elisabeth Eide, analyzing how the media covered the international climate summits, the so-called COPs. This network, called MediaClimate now comprises researchers, students and working journalists from across the world. An important part of what we do with all our research is to strengthen our ability to teach climate change journalism at both BA and MA levels at OsloMet. We are getting ever more practical about this, we seek collaboration with the media itself on this, and we are trying to develop new ways of doing climate change journalism, and we are now planning to host Climate Journalism Engagement Labs at OsloMet from the fall of 2019 onwards.