Exchanging knowledge and good practices on RRI in Bulgaria

ARC Fund hosted a diverse group of 14 stakeholders from different government institutions, research institutes, universities and private businesses, who attended the Bulgarian RRI-Practice Workshop on February 23. The workshop was divided into two parts: Concept of responsibility in research and innovation, and Drivers and barriers to the successful implementation of RRI in Bulgaria. Both sessions were opened with a short presentation, delivered by members of the ARC Fund team. The presentations were used as a starting point for an intensive and productive discussion, in which participants covered a number of important issues: the 5 RRI policy keys (ethics, societal engagement, gender, open access and science education) and their place in the Bulgarian context and practice; theoretical and practical dimensions of responsibility in science and innovation; and good RRI practices and possibilities for their wider uptake. At the end of the debate, participants formulated several recommendations, which will be used to fine-tune the forthcoming research work on the RRI-Practice project in Bulgaria.

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