International Workshop and the Third Consortium Meeting will take place in Berlin

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology will host two important project events in Berlin – an International Workshop on September 20-21 and the Third Consortium Meeting on September 21-22.

The Workshop will bring together representatives of research funding and research conducting organisations, who will present and discuss different organisational approaches to RRI, with a special focus on barriers, drivers and best practices for RRI implementation. By deliberating over these important issues, the participants from research funding and conducting organisations will provide further detailed information to be used on the subsequent development of the RRI Outlooks in the organisations, which is among the central objectives of the RRI-Practice project.

In addition to RRI-Practice project partners, the Third Consortium Meeting will be attended also by the members of the Advisory Board. They will provide valuable feedback on the work conducted to date, and give advice to the consortium members regarding the forthcoming work on the project. Project partners will also discuss the management issues, their progress concerning the organisational studies and development of RRI Outlooks, and the issues related to dissemination and publication strategy.

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