About us

Norwegian Network for Research on Ukraine: UKRAINETT

More than 40 researchers in Norway have taken the initiative to establish an interdisciplinary research network for researchers who work on issues related to Ukraine and Ukrainian society.

Such a research network has been actualized by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and by the substantial refugee movement of Ukrainians to Western Europe, including Norway.

UKRAINETT is open to researchers from universities, research institutes and other institutions with expertise in and interest in Ukraine, with the main emphasis on societal developments in Ukraine. It is further meant to be a hub for Ukrainian researchers and academics who want to establish themselves in Norway, temporarily or longer term, as a result of the war in Ukraine.

The network

– Promotes research and teaching on Ukraine at Norwegian universities and research institutions

– Is an arena where researchers discuss their own research on Ukraine with one another

– Arranges an annual Ukraine conference on relevant topics

– Keeps a dialogue with and gives research based input to Norwegian decision-makers, public administration and civil society organisations engaged in Ukraine

– Is a gathering point for Ukrainian researchers fleeing to Norway as a result of Russia’s invasion

– Contributes to strengthening the dissemination of Ukrainian research to the general public

UKRAINETT has established a steering group [here we should put in a link?] with representatives from various universities and research environments where Ukrainian researchers in Norway are also represented.

UKRAINETT is co-ordinated by the Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research (NIBR) at OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University.