Conference: “An urban future for Sápmi?”

A conference on Sámi urbanization and Sámi urbanity will take place in Trondheim during the fall of 2017. The conference will be held in Sverresborg Trøndelag Folk Museum, lasting two days, October 19.-20, 2017

“An urban future for Sápmi” aims to gather researchers on Sámi urbanization and urbanity from different institutions and states. Researchers on indigenous urbanization in other countries will also be present as specially invited guests.

The main part of the conference will be open to the public and there will be no participation fee.

UPDATE: A preliminary program  is now available here.

“An urban future for Sápmi” is  part of Tråante2017, the centenniary celebration of the first border-transcending Sámi political meeting. It is organized by the NIBR Institute of the Oslo and Akershus Unviersity College and  Sverresborg Folk Museum, in cooperation with the Institute for Social Research. The conference is also part of the NUORGÁV project, and financed by the Norwegian Research Council‘s Programme for Sámi Research.


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