About the project part 1: 2014-2019

The Domestic Violence Research Program

A research program about violence in close relationships

The Domestic Violence Research Program is a five year program at Norwegian Social Research – NOVA at Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, financed by the Ministry of Justice and Public Security (regjeringen.no).The program will last from 2014 to 2019, and the budget is 25 million Norwegian kroner.

The program has three parts:

  1. Developmental Trends, Vulnerability and Protection.
  2. Cultural Understandings and Underlying Causes
  3. Measures and Systems in Public and Private Sector

Developmental Trends, Vulnerability and Protection

Each part of the program covers several research projects. The first includes two projects: Developmental Trends and Identifying Vulnerable Groups and Polyvictimization, Resilience and Mental health.

In the first project, we will investigate the scope of violence and experiences with abuse amongst youth. We will look at developmental traits regarding the extent and the different forms of expression the violence takes. In the second project, we study the conditions as possible effects of violence and abuse, and look at what may influence the reactions such experiences may lead to.

Cultural Understandings and Underlying Causes

This part of the program is the frame for the two following projects: Sexual Violence in Close Relationships, Processes and Cultural Logics, and Violence in Majority and Minority Families, Similarities and Differences.

In the sexual violence project will we, amongst other topics, study how those exposed, set the limits for what is perceived as sexual violence. We will also study where they draw the line for what is considered as different types of sexual violence towards women, men, people in different stages of life, and in different sociocultural environments.

The project Violence in Majority and Minority Families, will study differences and similarities between violence in ethnic Norwegian families, and minority families.

Measures and systems in public and private sector

The third part of the program includes five research projects: Quality and Cooperation in the Social Services, Process Evaluation of a model for supporting victims – The Karin Model, Filtering of Family Violence Cases in the Judiciary System, Measures that Support and Protect Victims Through the Legal Process, and Volunteer Organizations’ Roles When Their Conditions Change.

All of the projects within this area of the program focus on different aspects of how those who have been victims of violence and abuse, experience some of the systems and help services they meet.

Dissemination of knowledge from the program

NOVA stresses the importance of communicating the knowledge that is gained from this research. This will be done by publishing in international research journals, through written reports and books, via our own homepage, and in social media. We will also organize scientific seminars for various target groups, and convey our findings through established events like our “Morning Coffee at NOVA”.


Svein Mossige (oslomet.no), Senior Researcher at NOVA and Professor in Child Psychology at the University of Oslo. Mossige is the Research Director of the whole program.
E-mail: svein.mossige@oslomet.no

Kari Stefansen (oslomet.no), Senior Researcher, NOVA
E-mail: kari.stefansen@oslomet.no