Article published in the journal Social Science & Medicine

Heidi Gautun (NOVA, Oslo Metropolitan University) and Christopher Bratt (Department of Psychology, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences) published 2th March 2024 the article “Caring for older parents in Norway – How does it affect labor market participation and absence from work?” in the journal Social Science & Medicine. By analyzing data collected in Norway in 2022 from a nationally representative sample of 6049 respondents, aged 35 to 67, we investigated how caring for older parents affects labor market participation and work absence. The article concludes:

Caring for elderly parents does not reduce work participation in Norway.

Assisting elderly parents affects work absence. Sick leave is utilized by employees to provide care to aging parents.

Norway’s generous sick leave policy appears to serve as a safety valve.

Introducing a paid leave scheme might help prevent unauthorized use of sick leave.