Quotes from previous students

We asked the spring 2023-students if they would help us with some quotes for our new pages. Here they are, all of them, unedited:

EPS is a program with a lot of room for your own input and lots of time to work on the project and less classes

Interdisciplinary, fun, project based working with a lot of spare time to travel!

I learned a lot of soft skills and I developed as a person with that.

It is a amazing experience where you meet people from all over Europe and learn to work group with them.

I’m glad that i chose an European Project Semester and not a course semester. During this semester I learnt skills that i would not have learnt with basic courses about team work. I feel that this semester will be more valuable on my CV compared to a basic Erasmus semester.

The European Project Semester at OsloMet thaught me more about successful of collaboration and trans-disciplinary development in 6 months, than 3 years of of theoretical studies. Project driven education throws you into an ocean of the unknown and countless opportunities, and teaches helps you to find your own path.

EPS is a great opportunity for students to be involved in a project oriented learning structure with students from around the globe. Highly recommend for anyone looking to broaden there perspectives.