The 15th Nordic Youth Research Symposium, NYRIS2022, is organized by the department of youth research at Norwegian Social Research (NOVA) and hosted by Oslo Metropolitan University – OsloMet.

The Department of Youth research

The department of Youth research is multi-disciplinary, comprising mostly sociologists, anthropologists and psychologists. Empirical research on adolescents is based on local and regional qualitative and quantitative studies, as well as national representative surveys.

Main research topics are youth culture and leisure activities, school adjustment, transitions from school to employment, alcohol and drug use, delinquency and conduct problems, well-being, intergenerational relations and issues concerning ethnicity and the multi-cultural society.

The NYRIS Conference in 2022 coincides with the 30th anniversary of the Department of Youth Research, we hope you will join our celebration!


Norwegian Social Research (NOVA) is a research institute at OsloMet concentrating on studies in childhood, ageing, social policy and the welfare state.


Oslo Metropolitan University – OsloMet is the third largest university in Norway and the most urban.

Organizing committee

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