Project Summary


  • To Integrate international activities as a new sustainable culture throughout the bachelor program in OT.
  • To educate global citizens to address issues of global health, diversity, innovation, technology, and occupational justice.
Aging Globally Team – 2022

Main Activities: Internationalization will be offered as virtual and mobility exchange activities to increase the number of outgoing and incoming students through four work packages.

  • Work Package 1: From Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) to Blended Intensive Program(BIP) – “Aging Globally”. All students (approx. 65) participate in online learning, and 5 OT students annually join the BIP with short-term mobility.
  • Work Package 2: Exchange of students between Universities in Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Canada, and others for long-term mobility.
  • Work Package 3: Accessibility through Universal design (COIL) and exchange through developing a BIP. All students participate in online learning, and 5 OT students join the BIP with short-term mobility each year (15 OT students and approx. 12 students from OsloMet, and approx. 30 students from international partners will participate). 
  • Work Package 4: Building the students’ global competencies through international activities embedded in the curriculum. An estimated rise from 15 to 40% of students enabled to gain a Certificate of International Learning.


Lisebet Skeie Skarpaas

Associate Professor at OsloMet

Project Leader, International Learning Coordinator, OT

Anne Lund

Professor at OsloMet

Responsible for Aging Globally in Norway

Björg Thordardottir

Associate Professor at OsloMet

Aging Globally teacher and responsible for BIP with Iceland