Andre Laestadius

Principal Investigator for REGAL, Associate Professor
Affiliation: MatMod group at
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Email: andre.laestadius(-at-)
Address: Pilestredet 35

About me

Born in Sweden, Andre has his background in mathematics and theoretical chemistry. He studied at the MSc program in Biotechnology at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, where he received the Best Graduate Award of Honour in 2009 (graduated with highest possible grade).

After that, also at KTH, Andre completed a PhD in applied mathematics with the thesis Foundations of Density Functionals in the Presence of Magnetic Field (main supervisor Prof. Michael Benedicks). During 2014-2015, Andre worked as a lecturer at the Department of Mathematics at Uppsala University and received the Physics students’ teacher award, awarded best teacher for physics students for his course on Single Variable Calculus (course responsible, lecturer and examiner). In 2015 Andre joined the Department of Chemistry at University of Oslo as a postdoctoral research fellow working together with Senior researcher Simen Kvaal on the bivariational principle and coupled-cluster theory. Andre was awarded the Talman Scholar Award in 2018 for his work on mathematical research in quantum chemistry. At the end of 2019 Andre started his own research project CCerror funded by the Research Council of Norway (Young research Talent Grant). Since 2021 Andre has been in collaboration with L. Lin. at UC Berkeley on coupled-cluster theory (through a Peder Sather Grant, PIs: A. Laestadius, M. A. Csirik, and L. Lin). Andre is since September 2022 the PI of the ERC Starting Grant REGAL.

Research. Andre’s research interest is mathematical quantum chemistry. During his PhD he worked on the mathematical formulation of density-functional theory for systems included magnetic fields. After that Andre focused for many years on coupled-cluster theory and its many variants and with a special interest to be able to describe also excited states and not just the ground state. Most central to Andre´s research at the moment is the Moreau-Yosida regularization and its application in density-functional theory.

Selected publications.


  • Spring 2023: MEK2200 Statistics and Risk Management
  • Autumn 2023: Mathematics 2000

Fellowships and Awards.

  • ERC Starting Grant, funded by European Research Council for project REGAL
  • Young Research Talent, funded by Research Council of Norway for CCerror
  • Peder Sather Grant
  • Kristine Bonnevie fellowship
  • YoungCAS fellow, Centre for Advanced Study, Oslo, Norway
  • Talman Scholar Award, awarded at 58th Sanibel Symposium, USA
  • Young Scientist Mobility Grant
  • Physics students’ teacher award, Uppsala University, Sweden
  • Best Graduate Award of Honor, KTH – Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
  • PhD Position of Excellence, KTH – Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden