Peta Ashworth at the 6th World Conference on Research Integrity in Hong Kong

Professor Peta Ashworth from The University of Queensland is attending the 6th World Conference on Research Integrity in Hong Kong. Peta will deliver a lecture on Research Integrity in the context of Australia as part of the Symposium “Fostering RI and social relevance of research findings: A global perspective through intercultural dialogue”.

The main objective of this symposium is to emphasize the value of discussing and accepting different value systems and how these shape aspects of research culture and governance.

Based on the core principles of intercultural dialogue, including the development of a deeper understanding of diverse perspectives and practices, participation and the freedom and ability to make choices, equality and fairness and the support to the creative processes, the Symposium will wrap up by proposing the main principles for inter-cultural dialogue in RI. More information about the Conference can be found here:

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