Welcome to the SCAM-project!

The Source Criticism and Mediated Disinformation (SCAM) project’s main objective is to develop principles for and practices of digital source criticism and media and information literacy in relation to emerging technologies, with special emphasis on detection and countering of disinformation. This objective includes the advancement of journalists’ ability to critically scrutinize sources and information in a digital age; journalism educators ability to teach digital source criticism; and an improvement of the skills and knowledge needed to enhance media and information literacy in societies at large.

The SCAM project will be carried out by a group of both senior and junior researchers, most of whom are affiliated with the Digital Journalism Research Group at the department of journalism and media studies at OsloMet. The project will be led by professor Steen Steensen (OsloMet). The project team consists of; associate professor Bente Kalsnes (Høyskolen Kristiania); professor Oscar Westlund (OsloMet); assistant professor Valerie Belair-Gagnon (University of Minnesota); associate professor Lucas Graves (University of Wisconsin-Madison); and research assistant Eva Frederiksen Solum.

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