SCAM team @ International Communications Association (ICA) conference + research award

Members of the SCAM team recently attended, presented at, and won an award at the 72nd annual ICA, the well-known communications research conference. Held in Paris this year, the ICA was in-person for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic; this was also the first time that SCAM team members met in person across the Atlantic.

Work from several streams in the project was presented:

  • Lucas Graves presented ongoing work focused on the rise of debunking in professional fact-checking, contrasting it to the norms and practices of political fact-checking.
  • Lasha Kavtaradze presented his work focused on automated fact-checking in Norway.
  • Steen Steensen and Bente Kalsnes presented research on the limits of live fact-checking, informed by extensive observation and interviews with fact-checkers in Norway, for which they won the Journalism Studies division’s award for best extended abstract.

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