Recent Publications and Upcoming Events

In the first half of 2021, SINOPO has been consistently working on the publication task of the project. Other than policy reports that we posted earlier, our first journal article – Digital Inclusion For Persons with Disabilities in China under Covid-19: How Far has China come? – has been published by Frontier of Law in China this April. This article was developed based on our report on the Chinese accessibility policy for persons with disabilities. As of now, any reader can reach this article by open access. Just check the journal website! Soon our second journal article will be ready for submission. There we have discussed how policy learning and path dependencies as institutional mechanisms have shaped the Chinese disability policy in the past decades. Let’s look forward to it! One more update is that the workshop – The changing conditions for social resilience: Sino-Nordic perspectives on social policy – will be held in October, though probably via the virtual channel. This workshop was planned to be held in Nordic Center, Fudan University of Shanghai physically but canceled due to the pandemic last year. However, we have the pleasure to get this even back on our agenda in the end. For any updates on the upcoming events, please follow our project website and Weibo.

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