Recent Publications and Upcoming Events

In the first half of 2021, SINOPO has been consistently working on the publication task of the project. Other than policy reports that we posted earlier, our first journal article – Digital Inclusion For Persons with Disabilities in China under Covid-19: How Far has China come? – has been published by Frontier of Law in China this April. This article was developed based on our report on the Chinese accessibility policy for persons with disabilities. As of now, any reader can reach this article by open access. Just check the journal website! Soon our second journal article will be ready for submission. There we have discussed how policy learning and path dependencies as institutional mechanisms have shaped the Chinese disability policy in the past decades. Let’s look forward to it! One more update is that the workshop – The changing conditions for social resilience: Sino-Nordic perspectives on social policy – will be held in October, though probably via the virtual channel. This workshop was planned to be held in Nordic Center, Fudan University of Shanghai physically but canceled due to the pandemic last year. However, we have the pleasure to get this even back on our agenda in the end. […]

Call for abstracts to workshop on the occasion of the 25 anniversary of the Nordic Centre at Fudan University/ “复旦大学北欧中心25周年纪念活动”系列研讨会演讲征集启事

Ongoing economic, social and ecological changes call for a new, dynamic and multifaceted understanding of how public authorities may foster citizens’, citizen groups’ and nation’s social resilience. Chinese and Nordic governments have articulated various aspirations to achieve economic growth and social cohesion. However, countries face a number of structural changes. Meanwhile, balances in power between the supranational, national, regional and local level governance are shifting. All of those changes are affecting how social policies are deliberated and implemented. To further push the development of Sino-Nordic cooperation on social policy, addressing structural changes as drivers of social policy reform and examining the consequences of reforms in national and supranational social policies in both China and Nordic countries, Nordic Centre at Fudan University will arrange the academic workshop with the topic “the changing conditions for social resilience–Sino-Nordic perspectives on social resilience”. Now we are calling for abstracts for the workshop and you are sincerely welcome to join us and share your research and views. More information pleases see EVENTS. 当前,来自于经济、政治、社会以及生态领域的持续变化,要求我们对“政府如何帮助发展群众、团体组织及国家的社会抗逆力”这一议题有一个全新的、动态的且较全面的理解。一定程度上,中国及北欧各国都已布局了相应的政策制定与实施,以达到构建可持续的社会模式、经济增长和社会融合等政策目标。然而,各国也都正面临着许多亟需考量的结构性变化。此外,地区、国家及国际间权力均势也正在改变。这些因素都影响着社会政策如何制定及实施 。 为进一步促进中国—北欧在社会政策领域的合作交流,深入探讨引起社会政策改革的结构性变化,以及在中国及北欧国家范围内的国内外社会政策改革结果及影响,复旦大学北欧中心将在“25周年纪念系列活动”中组织题为“变化条件及社会抗逆力—从中国-北欧社会政策视角出发”研讨会。本研讨会现公开征集演讲嘉宾,诚挚欢迎您的加入,与我们一起分享相关领域的成果及观点。详情请点击“EVENTS”。