SINOPO team members have attended several international webinars this autumn

While the spread of the Covid-19 has been reasonably controlled in China, the social impacts of the pandemic are still ongoing. Focusing on the social consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, our Chinese collaboration network has organized several webinars since this autumn, with the purpose of sharing insights on e.g. human rights protection, social inclusion, both from a domestic and global perspective.

The Webinar We Co-organized in May Covered by China’s Mainstream Mass Media

Since being successfully held in May, the webinar “No One Is an Island: the Rights Protection of Vulnerable Groups in the Pandemic” that OsloMet Co-organized with Wuhan University of China has gained considerable attention from Chinese society. Several mainstream mass media from China, including the state-owned media (i.e. Xinhuanet, CGTN, China Daily) have successively covered this webinar worldwide.

New essay!

Based on the keynote speech Pro. Rune Halvorsen gave on the webinar ”Rights Protection of Vulnerable Groups in the Pandemic” on May 23, we were asked for a topical essay by Chinese journals. Our essay “Social Consequences of the Covid-19 Pandemic in Europe – How to reduce new risks of poverty and social exclusion” has been finished lately and we are glad to post it preliminarily on our blog. See more from “PUBLICATIONS”.