Project team

The DISCo project brings together six academic partners and twelve stakeholders from three continents. DISCo draws on theories of practice and makes use of multiple methods to systematically investigate digital efforts to reconfigure consumption in the areas of food and mobility.

Why food and mobility?

These areas are of interest both because of their interlinking significant carbon footprints and because of their central importance to everyday consumption. This in turn will enable us to discuss how these digital technologies can be better design to bring about change and sustainability transitions and the role that consumers, platform owners, and policy makers can play in making this possible. Food and mobility can be interwoven with digital life. Food nutrition advice, recipes and shopping are all increasingly digital activities. Mobility is also enmeshed with global digital infrastructures including trip planning, public transport, last mile solutions (scooters, bike share), even holiday planning and car sharing through digital platforms. By exploring these two domains we will shed new light on digital technologies role in routinised consumption practices and explore potentials for shifting infrastructures of consumption towards reducing carbon emissions.