Engineering Management Communication in Global Contexts

Oslo Metropolitan University – OsloMet (Norway) and Louisiana Tech University (USA) offer a unique educational exchange program designed to help engineering and technology students improve their professional communication skills.  

The ability to shape messages, communicate them clearly, listen actively, and collaborate effectively leads to improved professional outcomes. Adding communication and cross-cultural professional skills to your technical education will set you apart from other members of your profession, increase your employability and give you a competitive edge.  

The program´s curriculum is based on the latest research in professional communication. The courses are taught by highly qualified and experienced teachers from OsloMet and Louisiana Tech University who specialize in professional communication instruction. The program is also a unique opportunity to learn, online and face-to-face, with other students from Norway and the USA. 

Programme in Brief

OsloMet, in collaboration with Louisiana Tech University, has developed four courses to equip master´s level engineering / technology students with cross-cultural engineering communication skills essential for success in the global economy. The aim of this international collaboration is advance international engineering education around communication and design skills requisite for success in engineering professions.   

In Spring and Autumn 2024, students at OsloMet and Louisiana Tech University can take online (fully digital) courses. In Spring and Autmn 2025 the program offers students from both universities to visit the other institution for a semester-long exchange and take face-to-face courses. In 2026, interested students can apply for internships with industry partners in both Norway and the United States.  


Students from OsloMet and Louisiana Tech University will receive scholarships to help with the expenses related to the physical exchange. In addition, OsloMet students are encouraged to apply for additional financial support to Lånekassen. 

Benefits of Participating in the Program 

  • Improved written and oral engineering communication skills   
  • Improved knowledge of engineering communication genres, professional writing strategies and techniques, and effective language use.   
  • Increased understanding of requirements for working successfully in international environments resulting in increased marketability and employability.   
  • Networking with international employers and internship providers.   
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