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The initiative involves close collaboration with departments within OsloMet, including MEK, BE, and IT. We believe GrønnMet symbolizes the harmonious blend of technology and sustainability and will place OsloMet at the forefront of Green Energy education, research, and knowledge transfer. Additionally, this initiative is vital for reinforcing academic circles at OsloMet and sets the groundwork for future educational and academic growth within the green energy sector.

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GrønnMet: OsloMet’s Green Energy Lab

Our Mechanical Engineering Team at OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University has secured strategic funding for the GrønnMet project. GrønnMet serves as a central hub for interdisciplinary research collaboration and knowledge dissemination in the field of green energy. Its mission is to bring together academics, industry professionals, and STEM students, fostering innovation and sustainable solutions. A standout feature of…

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