Research team

Arvind Keprate

Associate Professor,

Arvind Keprate is the Leader of the Mechanics, Mechatronics, and Materials Technology (M3T) Research Group at OsloMet and the Project Manager for the GrønnMet lab.

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Rafael Borrajo

Associate Professor,

Rafael Borrajo is an associate professor in Mechanical Engineering. His research is focused on materials innovation and characterization, and the use of ion and nanoparticle beams to create/modify materials. Furthermore, he is responsible for the teaching of two courses: Materials Technology and Hydraulics and Machine Systems.

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Ramis Örlü

Lead project, Lab manager

Associate professor in fluid mechanics with expertise in experimental fluid mechanics, turbulence and flow control

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Admin/management staff

Astrid Oust Janbu

Project Owner

Simen Antonsen

Project Manager

Mona Eftekhardadkhah

Senior R&D Advisor

Eivind Lohndal

Project Coordinator