GrønnMet: OsloMet’s Green Energy Lab

Our Mechanical Engineering Team at OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University has secured strategic funding for the GrønnMet project.

GrønnMet serves as a central hub for interdisciplinary research collaboration and knowledge dissemination in the field of green energy. Its mission is to bring together academics, industry professionals, and STEM students, fostering innovation and sustainable solutions.

A standout feature of GrønnMet is the GreenVirtualSpace – an immersive digital platform that replicates physical laboratory settings. This cutting-edge innovation is particularly advantageous for the space-constrained at Pilestredet 35 campus. Researchers and users can now conduct experiments, tests, and studies without relying on traditional physical tools or facilities.

GrønnMet represents a leap forward in green energy research and education. As we celebrate this achievement, we look forward to the positive impact it will have on our community and the broader field of sustainable energy.