GreenGov at C40 in Copenhagen

This october, several members of the GreenGov research team attended the C40 World Mayors Summit 2019 in Copenhagen.

Senior researchers Trond Vedeld, Hege Hofstad and Marianne Millstein have summarized their immpressions from the summit in three blog posts on NIBR’s City Blog (In Norwegian):

Conference report: Co-creating the green shift in Oslo

On Wednesday 6 December, around 200 participants from research, business, civil society and public administration met to attend the 2017 CIENS conference at the University of Oslo and the Oslo Science Park at Blindern.

The day was devoted to “co-creation”, which revolves around the future shaping of the public sector and of public services. The conference had a goal of gathering participants from different sectors to discuss this new trend in government.

Jacob Torfing, University of Roskilde. Photo: Skjalg Bøhmer Vold, CIENS / OsloMet

Professor Jacob Torfing, University of Roskilde. Photo: Skjalg Bøhmer Vold, CIENS / OsloMet

Co-creation goes beyond traditional cooperation with the public sector. It requires that other actors participate in the design of public policy and public solutions and services throughout the process – from the idea stage all the way to implementation.

Keynote speakers this year were Professor Jacob Torfing and Eva Sørensen, both from the University of Roskilde. They illuminated the theme through lectures on co-creation and the green shift and with a critical view of public leadership through co-creation.

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Conference: Co-creating the green shift in Oslo

The GREENGOV team will host the workshop “Governing and leadership for co-creating the green shift in Oslo” at this year’s CIENS conference under the heading “Coherent governing and climate leadership.” (in Norwegian).

The conference will take place December 6 in Oslo Science Park at the University of Oslo’s campus at Blindern. This will be the first major event of the project, and the whole project team will meet up to kick off our research the day after.

Oslo. Photo: Oliver Cole, Unsplash

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