OsloMet rules, regulations and resources

Overview of Ph.D programs at OsloMet

  • Be aware that not all information is available in English for all programmes.

The PhD handbook

  • Take the time to browse these pages! They contain most of the information you need as a PhD candidate. Like information about admission and funding as well as information you need when getting started, during your PhD and when completing the PhD. It also contains useful links on rules and regulations, forms (such as the thesis layout template), faculty PhD information, events etc.

University Library research support

Disseminating and making your research visible:

  • The department of External Relations and Communication can assist you in dissemination your research to a broader audience (find contact info in the link above).
  • Digital toolkit for communication with different target groups, such as the papers, TV and social media.

Publishing your PhD thesis

OsloMet-akademiet (page in Norwegian, but many courses are in English) offers a variety of courses, also relevant for PhD-candidates. Courses in transferable skills, might help you both during your PhD and to prepare for a career beyond the PhD.

Facebook group for PhD-candidates at OsloMet (PhD-life at OsloMet)

External resources: 

PhD On Track

Ph.D Courses at the University of Oslo (UiO)