Write for Us!

If you are a philosopher, a professional, or a researcher from another field and interested in professional ethics, you should consider writing for us. We are interested in short texts that are accessible and on-topic.

Have a new take on an aspect of professional ethics? Want to write a piece on something interesting going on in the news?

As long as it is about professional ethics or one of its subfields (medical ethics, ethics of law, ethics of engineering etc.), we will consider it.


Send me an email at ainar-petersen.miyata@hioa.no!

(Unfortunately there was a typo in the email address earlier. It has now been corrected. If you tried to get in touch earlier (before 09.11.17), please do try again with the correct email address.)


Guidelines for contributors:

  • Texts should be short (300 to 1500 words).
  • Keep the text accessible and don’t use unexplained technical jargon.
  • The audience is intended to be researchers and professionals of the relevant areas.