• Yet another flight with Bendiksen Airways
    It was a pleasure for us to welcome podcast host Alexander Bendiksen at our hub once again. Clearly, some of our quantum fascination has rubbed off on him! Please tune in to his new podcast episode here (in Norwegian): And do check out the other interesting episodes as well! About half of them are …
  • The 2023 Nobel Prize in Chemistry: Quantum Dots
    In this piece, which is written in Norwegian, Sølve Selstø gives a brief explanation of last year’s Nobel Prize in chemistry. It certainly falls within the quantum scope. The piece was published in last year’s last issue of Fra fysikkens verden, which is published by Norsk fysisk selskap. Nobelprisen i kjemi 2023 er delt likt …
  • Quantum-interest i Kode24
    We are pleased to see that the Kode24, and online magazine for developers, has taken an interest for quantum computing – again. Under the heading “Hva er greia med …” [What’s the deal with …], this interview, conducted by journalist Kurt Lekanger, introduces a few of the basics.
  • About Maryam’s work at Ruter
    Olav-Johan Øye has, under the heading student stories, written a nice piece about Maryam and her work at Ruter – the public company that organizes public transport in the Oslo region. Her work involves both quantum and AI technology. Read all about it here: Maryam helps a public transport company to get ahead of technological …
  • OsloMet QuantumHub day
    On Thursday 21st of September OsloMet will host a QuantumHub day. The doors will open at 16 and you are invited to check out the event at Pilestredet 35 (by Holberg plass), rooms: PI447, PI451 and PI460. During the event there will be the possibility to: The event starts with a short introduction seminar at …
  • Quantum interest at ZavaZone
    At JavaZone last week, according to themselves the biggest European community-driven conference for modern developers, Andreas Ahlgren – among others – gave a thrilling presentation on quantum computing and its possibilities. Andreas, our hub’s “partner in quantum”, one of the international leaders of Sopra Steria’s quantum initiative (among other things). In his presentation he got …
  • Finally: An actual hub
    This spring we had the pleasure of finally putting our quantum computers, if not on a pedestal, at least in a dedicated room. The room, PS340 in Pilestredet 35, also fits a few people, a nice screen and a small “quantum library”. Read more about it in this nice piece by Olav-Johan Øye:
  • Interview with Are Magnus Bruaset and Sølve Selstø
    In relation to the position paper that was published following the QCNorway workshop, Christine Gulbrandsen interviewed the main author, Are Magnus Bruaset, along with Sølve Selstø, about the content – and the message that we are aiming to convey. You can read the full interview in here (in Norwegian):
  • Podcast: Bendiksen Airways
    In May 2023 our Hub was visited by Alexander Bendiksen who talked with Sølve Selstø about quantum physics, quantum computing – and the meaning of life. Listen to his post in his podcast Bendiksen Airways here (Norwegian): Sølve Selstø (kvantefysikk)
  • Movie: Coupled-Cluster theory for ground- and excited eigenstates
    In early Ferbruary 2023, Andre Laestadius was invited to the Gemini Center on Quantum Computing to give a presentatoin on Coupled Cluster theory – a much used approach within quantum chemistry.
  • Movie: What goes on at the OsloMet Quantum Hub?
    In November 2022, we received a kind invitation from the Gemini Center on Quantum Computing to present our activities at the time. Presentation by Kristian Wold and Sølve Selstø.
  • Movie: Vår forskning viser
    Here, under the heading Vår forskning viser [Our research shows that], Sølve Selstø talks about what strange quantum phenomena actually has several technological applications. In Norwegian.
  • QCNorway: The need for a Norwegian quantum strategy
    November 7th and 8th, 2022, jointly with Simula, Sigma 2 and Sintef, OsloMet organized a workshop in order to highlight and emphasize the need to establish a Norwegian strategy when it comes to quantum computing. Website: The workshop featured contributions from several notable experts in the field of quantum computing and more than 80 …
  • Movie: Kvanterevolusjonen rykker nærmere
    Kvanterevolusjonen rykker nærmere As a part of a seminar given by Tekna, september 2022, Kristian Wold gives an introduction to quantum computing – in addition to explaining how quantum computing may be used within machine learning.