• About Maryam’s work at Ruter
    Olav-Johan Øye has, under the heading student stories, written a nice piece about Maryam and her work at Ruter – the public company that organizes public transport in the Oslo region. Her work involves both quantum and AI technology. Read all about it here: Maryam helps a … Read more
  • OsloMet QuantumHub day
    On Thursday 21st of September OsloMet will host a QuantumHub day. The doors will open at 16 and you are invited to check out the event at Pilestredet 35 (by Holberg plass), rooms: PI447, PI451 and PI460. During the event there will be the possibility to: The … Read more
  • Diedrik: Our new quantum master
    Friday 8th of september, Diedrik Leijenaar Oksens finished his master project entitled Constructing Quantum Gates UsingOptimization Techniques. In his work Diedrik started out with a model with two interacting qubits in the form of spin 1/2-particles exposed to the same, dynamic magnetic field. The first aim was … Read more
  • Quantum interest at ZavaZone
    At JavaZone last week, according to themselves the biggest European community-driven conference for modern developers, Andreas Ahlgren – among others – gave a thrilling presentation on quantum computing and its possibilities. Andreas, our hub’s “partner in quantum”, one of the international leaders of Sopra Steria’s quantum initiative … Read more
  • Oberwolfach research in pair
    Quantum Hub member A. Laestadius was together with Prof. M. Herbst (EPFL Lausanne) invited for a two-week research in pair visit at the Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach (MFO) in Germany at the end of August 2023. During the stay similarities of numerical and analytical approaches to Kohn-Sham inversion … Read more
  • Finally: An actual hub
    This spring we had the pleasure of finally putting our quantum computers, if not on a pedestal, at least in a dedicated room. The room, PS340 in Pilestredet 35, also fits a few people, a nice screen and a small “quantum library”. Read more about it in … Read more
  • Minister with a quantum interest?
    Wednesday 16th of August, we had the pleasure of welcoming the newly appointed minister of research and higher education, Sandra Borch, at OsloMet. Our rector, Christen Krogh, guided her on a tour around our Oslo campus – at tour that involved an encounter with our quantum computer … Read more
  • PhD in quantum visualization
    We are excited to announce that the OsloMet Quantum Hub has secured funding for a new PhD student who will be dedicated to advancing the field of quantum mechanics visualization. This position is a collaboration between the Department of Computer Science (with A. Laestadius) and the Department … Read more
  • Visitors from Equinor
    August 7th we had the pleasure of welcoming researchers from Equinor to our hub. A group of strong researchers, including mathematicians, physicists and software engineers, have spent significant time and effort looking into the quantum opportunities for their company. The Hub’s own Aleksandar Davidov shared promising results … Read more
  • Maryam@Ruter
    Our own, until recently, Master’s student Maryam Lotfigolian, has been hired to work on Ruter’s quantum AI-project this summer. We are proud of you, Maryam! Read more about her interest in quantum computing in this article. Here you can see a presentation given by Umair Imam on … Read more
  • Contributions towards a Norwegian Quantum Computing Strategy
    Today, our position paper entitled “Contributions towards a Norwegian Quantum Computing Strategy” was published publicly. Authored by Are Magnus Bruaset (Simula), Shaukat Ali (Simula), André Brodtkorb (OsloMet), Gunnar Bøe (Sigma 2), Sergiy Denysov (OsloMet), Hans Eide (Sigma 2), and Sølve Selstø (OsloMet), this position paper is a … Read more
  • Qhub@CAS Workshop
    In May, 2023, both Andre Laestadius and Sølve Selstø from the Hub had the pleasure of being invited to the CAS workshop Molecular quantum dynamics, organized by Simen Kvaal and Thomas Bondo Pedersen at the Hylleraas Centre for Quantum Molecular Science. The workshop is affiliated with the … Read more
  • OsloMet Quantum hub during researcher days
    I’m happy to announce that the OsloMet Quantum Hub has applied for funding for a researcher days event in September 2023. Our application has been funded, and we look forward to hosting a public outreach event during the fall.
  • OsloMet celebrates 150 years of engineering education
    OsloMet has been educating engineers for 150 years, and celebrated the occasion with a full-day event. There were scientific and historic presentations during the day, and a formal dinner during the evening. Sølve Selstø, Maryam Lotfigolian and Sergiy Denisov presented quantum technologies and quantum computing during the … Read more
  • Dr. Shaukat Ali joins the Quantum Hub
    It is our pleasure to announce that Dr. Shaukat A joins the OsloMet Quantum Hub. His role will be central to all aspects of the quantum hub activities, and we look forward to having him om board.
  • PASQAL presents quantum
    Dear all, Tuesday April 18th we will have the pleasure of having Aleksander Wennersteen PASQAL visiting us. PASQAL is a company that develops quantum computers. One of its founders is Alain Aspects, one of last year’s recipients of the Nobel prize in physics, which was awarded for … Read more
  • 2023 Winter Workshop in Quantum Computing
    We were very happy to invite you to our event “Kvantesprang og matematikk til Soria Moria” to be held December 12-14 2022, fittingly set to the Soria Moria Hotel in Holmenkollen. The aim of the event was share ideas and discuss topics that will be important for … Read more
  • QCNorway: The need for a Norwegian quantum strategy
    November 7th and 8th, 2022, jointly with Simula, Sigma 2 and Sintef, OsloMet organized a workshop in order to highlight and emphasize the need to establish a Norwegian strategy when it comes to quantum computing. Website: The workshop featured contributions from several notable experts in the … Read more
  • QHub@Sopra Steria
    Andreas Ahlgren at Sopra Steria is a genuine quantum enthusiast. In September 2022 his enthusiasm was merged with that of Lars Nordbryhn at IBM and Sølve Selstø from our Quantum Hub at Sopra Steria’s “Quantumkväll”. Together they presented their perspectives on quantum computing – what it is … Read more