Visit from Akademiet

It was true pleasure to host the Agora class from Akademiet Bislet Wednesday March 6th.

Fifteen eager and attentive learners found their way to our hub, where they heard about quantum theory and technology. And more importantly: The got to do it. They did so by solving the Schrödinger equation – analytically and numerically. And they were acquainted with our quantum computers Hugin and Munin – in addition to doing some quantum gaming.

Andre showing how to solve the Schrödinger equation.

We, the hosting scientists, Andre, Sergiy and Sølve, were all impressed – and challenged – by the questions we were asked. Impressive.

Andre and Sergiy sharing thoughts on the perks of being a scientist.

We also hope that some of the pupils were a little bit impressed – and tempted – by what we can offer at OsloMet. Perhaps some of them will apply to our newly established bachelor program in Mathematical modelling and data science, which Kristoffer presented towards the end of the program.

Kristoffer Helton making a strong case for why taking a bachelor in mathematical modelling could be a good idea.

Although a bit weary with several oddities to digest, we do hope that our guests found this encounter with the quantum world to be an all together pleasant one.

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