Norwegian Academy of Technological Sciences gets a visit

It was a true pleasure when the Hub was contacted by Arnstein Wee, from the Stavanger-branch of Norges tekniske vitenskapsakademi, the Norwegian Academy of Technological Sciences. He wanted to hear more about quantum computing. Of course, asking a quantum hubber whether she or he would like to talk quantum, is a bit like asking “is the pope catholic?”. Yes!

Arnstein Wee and a creative picture of a quantum processor.

The turnout at the gathering, March 20th was impressive. And so was the interest and quality of questions posed by the attentive audience. A true pleasure!

When yours truly is given a microphone and asked to talk about an interest close to heart, chances are that the sum of the many words which come out at a rather high pace, combined with the many, many slides, can be quite overwhelming. With this in mind, I am particularly thankful for the hospitality and the enthusiasm I was met with.

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