Quantum Adjustments

Until recently we were not aware about ongoing quantum initiatives at the Norwegian Metrology Service (Justervesenet – JV). But then we got a pleasent e-mail from Susmit Kumar from JV’s Electricity group informing us about their mandate regarding accurate SI values of voltage, resistance, and current.

During a very pleasent day-long meetup Thursday 11th of April, we got to learn about their plans and ongoing work. And they learned about the scope of our hub, which includes precisely this kind of activity.

Right side: Susmit Kumar, Pascal Sado, Lars Kristian Skaar and Bjørnar Karlsen from the Norwegian Metrology Service. Our own Maryam Lotfigolian and Aleksandar Davidov, left side, gave a very interesting presentation on their work on routing optimization using quantum annealing for Ruter.

In particular, we were quite impressed by their work on Josephson junctions. If there were any doubt about the relevance of quantum technology when it comes to high precision metrology at JV, these doubts certainly evaporated during these hours together. And their ambitious plans for further quantum research would only seem natural.

We are looking forward to collaborations – both in research and education.

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