Nordic Quantum Life Science Roundtable in Helsinki

With some delay, we are reporting about an exciting event that took place in Helsinki (November 14-15th, 2023). 3rd Nordic Quantum Life Science Roundtable is a next link in the chain of all-Nordic meetings that are designed for key players in the field, aiming to catalyze Quantum Life Science (QLS) through knowledge sharing and exploring new possibilities within the intersection of Quantum Technologies and Life Sciences. The two previous ones took place in Stockholm (2021) and Copenhagen (2022).

Two members of OsloMet’ s Quantum Hub, Pedro Lind and Sergiy Denysov, have attended the meeting (the former one is a co-organizer of the event). We were excited to see how far Finland made it in closing the gap between the cutting-edge research in Quantum Computing and such sectors as health care and pharmacology (and related IT fields). We could one hope that one of those days Norway will reach this stage.

The venue was quite interesting: It is a former sea fortress Suomenlinna (Finnish) or Sveaborg (Swedish). A chilling place with a certain air, but, strange enough, it fitted nicely.

The most exciting thing we saved to the end: The next roundtable will be in Oslo, September 2024. It will be organized jointly by NordSTAR, Quantum Hub, and Simula Lab. A third engraving, “Norway 2024”, will be added soon to the silver goblet!

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