Visit from the Danish embassy

We were thrilled to be contacted by Anton Højris Middelhede at the Danish embassy in Oslo for a get-together while 2024 was still young. Together with Emilie Michaelsen and Øystein Sandvik we had a very interesting – and promising – exchange of thoughts and interesting opportunities. Øystein represents Invest in Denmark, a public service aimed to facilitate establishing new enterprises in Denmark.

As many may know, Denmark has a long-standing and proud quantum history – one that is not limited to Niels Bohr and his “Copenhagen interpretation” of quantum physics, but also involves dedicated research and innovation which extends as far as quantum physics itself.

And, contrary to Norway, Denmark is already a major player when it comes to making the second quantum revolution happen – aided by both substantial and public and private funding.

Our Danish contacts are most welcome again. As we did not manage to stick to our time schedule the last time, we are certain that we will find interesting things to talk about also next time we meet.

From left to right: Laurence Habib, dean at the Faculty of Art, Technology and Design, Øystein Sandvik, Invest in Denmark, Emilie Michaelsen and Anton Højris Middelhede, the Danish embassy, Silje Røysen Salvador, senior advisor at OsloMet, Andre Laestadius (behind Sergiy) and Sergiy Denysov.

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