Girls & Tech

We are really proud about having been a part of the Jenter og teknologi gathering held at Chateau Neuf February 15th.

Maryam Kaviani, along with Kersti Fosse Blålid and Notto Thelle from the OsloMet Makerspace and people from the University of Oslo, made it all happen.

About 400 girls from various videregående skoler was registered. They were given the chance to hear several impressive woman working within diverse fields related to technology. Their message was clear: We need more girls to choose a technological education!

At the event several technology oriented educations at the University of Oslo and at OsloMet presented themselves at various stands. At one of these our own quantum tech girls Ankana Singha and Maryam Lotfigolian were found – along with our two-qubit Hugin quantum computer. It was a true pleasure to see how they were approached by many aspiring young tech-savvy girls. The quantum tech future looks bright!

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