Workshop: Atoms in strong laser fields

At the OsloMet Quantum Hub we are very happy about our mini workshop on atoms in strong laser fields.

It featured esteemed guests from (in order of distance) the University of Warsaw, the University of Bergen and the University of Oslo.

It took take place from Monday 10th of June until Wednesday 12th at OsloMet’s own premises at Pilestredet 35, near Holbergs Plass. Room PI460 – with a very nice conference dinner at the old Grand Café, a place with a lot of tradition and history.


List of particpants

From the University of Warsaw:

From the University of Bergen:

  • Morten Førre, professor
  • Johanne Elise Vembe, PhD student
  • Johan Gard Sletten, MSc student

From the University of Oslo:

From Oslo Metropolitan University:


9:00Morten Førre, UiB
Relativistic and non-dipole multi-photon ionization of atoms in intense laser fields: The propagation gauge
Thomas B. Pedersen, UiO
Time-dependent coupled-cluster theory
10:0010:45: WelcomeJohanne E. Vembe, UiB
HPC simulations of relativistic atomic systems beyond the dipole approximation
11:00Lecture: Sergiy Denysov, OM
The OsloMet Quantum Hub
Einar Aurbakken, UiO
Title TBA
Johan G. Sletten, UiB
How to produce accurate photoionization cross sections from a 1D model atom?
12:00Jurek Kaminski, UoW
Strong field atomic physics beyond the dipole approximation: ionization
and high-order harmonic generation
Long lunchLunch
13:00LunchPublic lecture: Kasia Krajewska, UoW
Ionization and pair creation: Similarities and differences.
Bendik Dalen, OM
Photoelectron spectra from a truncated domain with an absorber
Sølve Selstø, OM
A relativistic Schrödinger equation and a non-relativistic Dirac Equation
Andre Laestadius, OM
Introduction to Moreau-Yosida regularization in DFT
15:00Simon E., Schrader, UiO
Rothe’s method for time evolution in strong laser fields with Explicitly Correlated Gaussians
Deeksha Kanti, UoW
Laser-assisted radiative recombination
in short laser pulses
Informal discussions
16:00Informal discussionsMateusz M. Majczak
Scattering matrix
approach to dynamical Sauter-Schwinger process
17:00Enjoy the view from Grefsenkollen
18:00Cider and juiceConference dinner

The fact that a full hour is allocated to each lecture does not mean that each lecturer was supposed to fill it. There should certainly be time set aside for questions and discussions – and for getting some air between each slot.