The RELINK Consortium

The RELINK project is headed by Consumption Research Norway (SIFO), Oslo Metropolitan University and is a research cooperation between:

  • Six partner institutions: SIFO & Department of Computer Science, Oslo Metropolitan University; The Norwegian Board of Technology; University of Aegean; University of Bristol and Rathenau Institute (engaging 15 people, including two Ph.D.’s).
  • Two collaborative projects: GHOST (involving NTNU/CCIS) and PETRAS IoT Hub (led by UCL) and
  • A panel of 13 experts/stakeholders strategically recruited from relevant government and business sectors in the Norwegian context

The RELINK project also has an advisory board of six representatives from different national and international academic institutions (informatics, design, social science, and cybersecurity) as well as the European Commission.

Partners and People

Consumption Research Norway, Oslo Metropolitan University

Ardis Storm-Mathisen,
Dag Slettemeås, Researcher
Henry Mainsah, PhD,
Research Professor/ Project Leader

Helene Teigen is hired as one of two PhD students in RELINK
Helene Fiane Teigen,
PhD Student

Department of Computer Science, Oslo Metropolitan University

Laurence Marie Anna Habib,
Head of Department
Terje Gjøsæter, Associate Professor
Cristina Paupini,
PhD Student

The Norwegian Board of Technology

Tore Tennøe,
Joakim Valevatn,
Project Manager

The Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering, University of Aegean

Dr. Jenny Darzentas,

Rathenau Institute

Dr. ir. Rinie van Est, Coordinator
Kyra Delsing, Researcher

University of Bristol

Collaborative projects

H2020 GHOST Project,
Centre for Cyber and Information Security, NTNU

PETRAS IoT Research Hub,

Department of Security and Crime Science, University College of London

Experts and Stakeholders

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