RELINK – Research to relink the ‘weak link’ in the digital chain

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RELINK aims to construct knowledge, raise awareness and reduce digital vulnerabilities in connected homes through research. Digitalization, big data and Internet of Things (IoT) have turned the home into a ‘hub’ for digital activities and services, making households a central link in the chain of digital value creation and vulnerabilities in society. Living our everyday lives in connected homes, leaves us with a large responsibility for digital maintenance, security routines and for building the competence required to evaluate and handle various security- and privacy risks. But these are complex matters and there is a lack of good tools and resources that can support households in such tasks. Connected households can therefore be considered the ‘weak link’ in the digital chain. The RELINK project will build knowledge about digital vulnerabilities in households and develop tools that can support households in making everyday digital risk evaluations. The ambition is to contribute to a future where households are ‘re-linked’ and where vulnerabilities in the digital chain are reduced.