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Aase Reyes
Professor, Head of Research Group

Research interests: Metals; Aluminium; High-strength steel; Formability and fracture; Foam materials; Dynamic loading; Impact and blast loading; Machine learning; Digital twins

Gro Markeset

Research interests: Concrete structures; High Performance Concrete; Fiber reinforced concrete; Durability of concrete and Service life modeling; Residual service life of RC structures; Corrosion of RC structures; ASR of concrete

Vagelis Plevris photo

Vagelis Plevris
Adjunct Professor

Research interests: Finite Element Method (FEM); Static and Dynamic Analysis of Structures with FEM; Earthquake Engineering; Optimum Design of Structures; Reliability and Probabilistic Analysis of Structures; Neural Networks and their Applications in Engineering

Jian Dai

Jian Dai
Associate Professor

Research interests: Structural dynamics; Large and very large floating structures; Hydrodynamic and hydroelastic performance of floating structures; Train-track dynamics; Liquid sloshing inside road/rail vehicles; Structural vibration under moving loads; Moving element method

Emrah Erduran
Associate Professor

Research interests: Concrete and steel structures under extreme dynamic loads; Structural dynamics; Nonlinear behavior of concrete; Linear and nonlinear response of structures to earthquake loads; Assessment of existing structures for earthquake safety; Performance based seismic design

Mahdi Kioumarsi
Associate Professor

Research interests: Analysis of RC and steel structures; Concrete technology; Corrosion in RC structures; Durability of concrete structures; Fiber reinforced concrete; Steel plate shear walls; Earthquake engineering

Awais Ahmed
Associate Professor

Research interests: Computational mechanics of materials, Advanced finite element methods (XFEM, phantom node method, phase field method), Fracture and failure in FRP composite laminates, polymers, asphalt concrete, and masonry structures, Response of structures to impact and blast loads.

Postdoctoral Researchers

Alejandro Jiménez Rios
MSCA Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Research Interests: Conservation of existing built heritage buildings and bridges with historical/cultural value; vernacular and sustainable architecture; masonry, earthen and bamboo structures artificial intelligence, internet of things, structural health monitoring and digital twins.

Mohamed El Amine Ben Seghi
MSCA Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Research Interests: Structural reliability analysis, design optimization, maintenance and repair scheduling of existing structures, modeling degradation such as corrosion and fatigue damage, reuse and recycling, structural resilience and robustness evaluation, and the application of machine learning to engineering problems.

PhD Candidates

Kultigin Demirlioglu
Thesis title: Damage Detection of Structural Systems Using Real-Time Monitoring and Artificial Intelligence
Main Supervisor: Emrah Erduran

Samuel Ruiz Capel
Thesis title: Smart bulbous bow based on flexible materials
Main Supervisor: Aase Reyes

Research Interests: Marine Hydrodynamics, Hull Shape Optimization, Hydrodynamic Resistance of Ice-Going Vessels, Fluid-Structure Interaction

Sigbjørn Tveit
Thesis title: High-cycle fatigue failure of radically deep drawn marine grade aluminum for Floating Solar applications
Main Supervisor: Aase Reyes

Associate members

Piotr Kozioł,

Adjunct Associate Professor

Dimitrios Kraniotis,

Associate Professor

Erik Løhre Grimsmo,

Associate Professor

Eivind Johnsen,

Associate Professor

Saja Al-Batat,

Head Engineer

Leila Farahzadi,

PhD Candidate