About me

Sølve Selstø, physics professor at Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway

I teach mathematics and physics at the Faculty of Art, Technology and Design at Oslo Metropolitan University.

Additionally, I conduct research within theoretical/computational quantum physics. I am particularly interested in the dynamics of unbound quantum systems. I also take an interest in non-Hermitian quantum physics, open quantum systems and quantum computing.

In my teaching I like to emphasize the use of numerical methods and programming in order to solve problems – and build understanding.


I am employed at the Department of Computer Science, in the sub-group of

Mathematical modelling.

I am also affiliated with the Quantum Hub.

Contact information

Telephone:+47 67 23 86 85
E-mail:solve.selsto (at) oslomet.no
Mail:P.O. Box 4 St. Olavs Plass
0130 Oslo, Norway
Visiting:Office PS325, Pilestredet 35