“How can a systemic change for collaborative partnerships integrate sustainable thinking at Oslo Metropolitan University?”


Creating practices for collaboration

In SPARC, we explore the existing formats for meeting and communication the university on diverse levels, we collect various perspectives and create new framework for further social innovation and sustainable thinking.

Imaginary hubs with CEMUS

Multi-stakeholder workshop, imagining a future innovation space with CEMUS at Uppsala University.


SPARC designing a pre-conference workshop for students and researchers, followed by an interactive Keynote in collaboration with Storbykonferansen 2023.


A participatory meet-up to promote networking and collaboration between students and researchers.

Sustainability workshop

SPARC organized a workshop with students to understand their perception of sustainability and their interests in it.


Designing future spaces for sustainable thinking

Can we benefit from understanding sustainability in a different way? We study how knowledge about sustanability can be developed and incorporated in academia and higher education.

Interdisciplinary course: Partnerships for sustainable innovation

  • Provide awareness amongst students about the complexity of sustainability.
  • An opportunity to explore and design new learning formats
  • A network for knowledge exchange between faculties
  • Large and resilient network connecting stakeholders
  • Increase awareness amongst the complexity of sustainability
  • An opportunity to explore crossdisciplinary interest

Innovation arena and creative space

  • A collaborative environment for cross-disciplinary interactions and the exchange of knowledge
  • A power-neutral space that wellcomes every stakeholder at Oslomet
  • A space for the creation and operation for partnerships
  • A multi-functional space for workshops, events, discussion, meetings, seminars…