Introducing Student Life

This episode introduces the Student Life podcast and the Student Life hosts Kyrre Begnum and Anthony Giannoumis. We want to empower students to get the most out of their studies. This podcast is a great resource for good students that want to be better and for great students that want to be awesome. We have seen hundreds of students come and go. Some have achieved remarkable success. They’v opened businesses. They’ve gone to work for top companies in the IT industry, and they’ve changed the world. We want to share our advice on what we have seen work and let others learn from it.

What it means to be a student

Being a student means being enrolled in a bachelor or master program, having a part-time job, following courses, writing, reading, training yourself for a job, making friends, socializing and taking exams.

Delivering awesome presentations

A good presenter is not necessarily only a talented person, it takes work. Figure out your topic, write your presentation, prepare and practice, deliver your presentation and become a better presenter.

How to get the most out of your classes

Classes are not a passive one-way thing. The student is not meant to be passive. Prepare yourself before the lecture, engage during the lecture and follow-up after the lecture.

Working well with others

Why do we study in groups? What are the benefits? What does it mean to study in groups? How do you know the group is working for you? Work with people that aren’t like you! What are free riders? How can I motivate free riders?