Challenging Picturebooks in Education

About us

The research group Challenging Picturebooks in Education is an interdisciplinary research group located at OsloMet, Norway, with numerous international affiliated members. We explore the use of picturebooks, graphic novels and children’s literature in the classroom. This work has resulted in a number of publications, including the edited volume Exploring Challenging Picturebooks in Education: International Perspectives on Language and Literature Learning (Ommundsen, Åse Marie; Haaland, Gunnar & Kümmerling-Meibauer, Bettina, 2022). Our research showcase challenging picturebooks as valuable teaching materials, conducive to interdisciplinary learning, development of critical thinking and intercultural learning. The various picturebook projects presented in the first volume opened up for inclusive and explorative learning.

Inclusive Learning with Challenging Picturebooks

We hereby invite scholars to the follow-up project «Inclusive Learning with Challenging Picturebooks» which you can read about under Events.