Bjørnar Berg

Current position: Post doctor in the AID-Spine project.
Areas of interest: degenerative spinal disorders, early knee osteoarthritis, nonsurgical and surgical treatments


Bjørnar has been a physical therapist since 2015, MSc in Physical Therapy from Oslo Metropolitan University in 2017, and PhD at the University of Oslo in 2022. Bjørnar is currently a postdoctoral research fellow at the Centre for Intelligent Musculoskeletal Health, Oslo Metropolitan University. His research interest is in the area of degenerative spinal disorders, early knee osteoarthritis, and non-surgical and surgical treatments. Specifically, Dr. Berg focuses on developing prognostic models for health outcomes after degenerative spine surgery using machine learning methods and the long-term consequences of treatment choice for degenerative meniscal tears.

Bjørnar is involved in several international collaborations, including research on spinal disorders (AID-Spine project), degenerative meniscal tears (OMEX trial), and posttraumatic osteoarthritis (OPTIKNEE initiative).

Link to Bjørnar’s official OsloMet website: Bjørnar Berg – OsloMet

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