Bridge builder project

Leader: Parisa Gazerani

Project category: Bridge Builders, Oslo Metropolitan University

Project title: Identification of needs and expectations of affected individuals, health personnel, and associated stakeholders (so-called “user groups”) in Grünerløkka district dealing with a dysfunctional link between occupation and health.

Project structure: PhD stipend of 4 years. The PhD position will follow a model where the PhD candidate is employed for 4 years. The PhD student will act as a bridge-builder between research and practice in 25 percent of his/her position. This means that the research fellow will be employed for 4 years at Oslo Metropolitan University.

Principal Investigator: Prof. Margreth Grotle

Host institution: Faculty of Health Sciences, Oslo Metropolitan University

PhD supervisors: Associate Prof. Parisa Gazerani (main), Associate Prof. Kåre Rønn Richardsen (co.), Prof. Minna Pikkarainen (co.).

Research team: Prof. Britt Elin Øiestad, Associate Prof. Hårek Haugerud, Lise Grethe Kjønø, Jakob Thor Einar Holmgard, Anne Gine Hval (Case manager – Municipality of Oslo, Grünerløkka City District), Hans Lund (Professor at the Centre for Evidence-Based Practice at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences – Bergen), Dalia Belmonte and Miaofei Wang (occupational therapist – Municipality of Oslo, Grünerløkka City District).

Collaborating institutions: The Faculty of Technology, Art and Design, and Faculty of Social Sciences at Oslo Metropolitan University; The Norwegian Council for Musculoskeletal Health; Norsk Revmatikerforbund; Norwegian Pain Society; Research and Communication Unit for Musculoskeletal Health (FORMI); Arbeids- og velferdsetaten (NAV); Section of Evidence-Based Practice at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences; Oslo Municipality and Grünerløkka district; the Nettverk eldre og rusbruk Oslo (NERO), National Institute of Occupational Health in Norway; the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

Project content: 3 consecutive studies, 3 expected papers, and one PhD thesis (Timeline: 01-09-2022 to 30-08-2026)

Project overall aim: Identification of needs and expectations of users dealing with a dysfunctional link between occupation and health in the Grünerløkka district of Oslo municipality. This gap and need identification will then result in a proper research study design for closing the gap and finding solution(s) for the needs where it is needed. This will in turn enhance the research value and minimize research waste while offering direct practical involvement and building a bridge between academic research and society needs.  

Project specific aims:

  1. Review and synthesis of the existing literature within the field
  2. Gap-identification and forming a long list of evidence gaps (this specific aim is defined to follow the needs-led process and thereafter to provide a list of top-10 prioritized evidence gaps, where the JLA process is followed.
  3. Following the identification of the evidence gaps, formulate a proper research question that will be studied in the subsequent research, with a proper and ethical design to recruit, collect and analyze data, and to present a scientific report.