HEYoung Intervention Study

Principal Investigator Britt Elin Øiestad

Post Doctors Henriette Jahre, Maren H Guddal

Collaborators Margreth Grotle (Oslo Metropolitan University), Kirsti Riiser (Oslo Metropolitan University), Marianne Bakke Johnsen (Oslo Metropolitan University), Are Hugo Pripp (Oslo Metropolitan University), Turid Sundar (Oslo Metropolitan University), Kate Dunn (Keele University, UK), Michael Rathleff (Aalborg University, Denmark), Simon Kristoffer Johansen (Aalborg University, Denmark), Trygve Skonnord (University of Oslo), Tale Østensjø

External Funding Stiftelsen DAM & the Norwegian PhysioFund

The HEYoung Intervention Study started in August ‘23. In the project, we willconduct the initial stages of a full-scale RCT on the effectiveness of a personalized intervention for adolescents with persistent pain interfering with daily life. We will co-create the intervention for persistent pain in adolescents, and test feasibility in a pilot RCT. Our long-term goal for this project is to conduct a full-scale RCT. Our specific research objectives are 1) To co-create a protocol for a personalized intervention to adolescents with persistent pain with adolescents and relevant stakeholders during different workshops. 2) To test the feasibility of the intervention, and 3) to pilot test the intervention plus usual care compared to usual care alone on persistent pain interfering with daily life in adolescents living with persistent pain.