Parisa Gazerani

Current position Professor, Leader of the Bridge builder project


Areas of interest Medicine | Basic Pharmacology Clinical Pharmacology | Translational Medicine | Neuroscience | Pain | Headache | Migraine

RESEARCHER BIO Parisa is a health science researcher, currently acting as a professor affiliated with the Pharmacy program at the Department of Life Sciences and HealthFaculty of Health SciencesOslo Metropolitan University. She holds a doctorate degree in pharmacy, a PhD in biomedical sciences, and postdoctoral experience in neuropharmacology. Her research interest falls within the fascinating field of neuroscience. She applies a diverse range of disciplines within basic and clinical investigations, health technology and innovation, and pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions to provide mechanistic insights and target possibilities for the prevention and treatment of a range of neurological disorders including pain, and headaches. She is also actively involved in patient safety research and user involvement in health research. The latter is her current focus in the user involvement group at CIM, where she is also leading the Bridge builder project.

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